the maneys

This photo session was a milestone for me because it was my first completely random, just contacted me on the internet clients. Sarah is a friend of a friend, but still someone I had never met. I can't tell you how nervous I was! The Maney family was the perfect first "stranger" session because they were kind, easy to talk to and we had some fun!
I had to throw this little sequence in here...I love his face in the first one! SO not amused...


  1. These are PRECIOUS!!!! :) Sarah, you're absolutely radiant. As a family, joy shows. I'm very excited to meet your new little lady!
    Jord, great work! I am jealous that you got to do this session.... ;)

  2. oh my goodness...so cool to click over here and see Sarah! these pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Great work.
    Congrats to the whole Maney family and I echo what Sara G. said-
    you really are radiant, Sarah! (also I love your shoes:)

  3. we had so much fun, jordan. thank you! we love, love the images you captured too. thanks, kelli and sara for the sweet compliments :)